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Hair straightener from Shosh

Discover the secret of your hair’s beauty with the new Shosh iron: titanium and infrared technology in one product!

100% pure titanium plates mixed with natural argan oil!

Thanks to the titanium surface, it is compatible with all hair types to provide impressive results. In addition, they are enhanced with luxurious argan oil to deliver moisture and nourishment to your hair during styling, making it your perfect choice for a unique and perfect hair care experience.

Infrared and ions in one device?!

When we talk about an iron for straightening hair, we must pay attention that heat is not the main factor, so we designed the device to maintain the health of your hair first, and then to obtain smooth and shiny hair, even if it is 100% curly, and this is what the modern Shush technology provides in this device!

The latest MCH technology is available in this device

Thanks to the MCH technology, you will get fast heating and stable heat evenly distributed for the titanium plates.In no time, style your hair and go straight!

The difference between Shosh iron and other devices?

The graphic table shows the difference in temperature stability during the styling process of the Shosh iron compared to other similar devices thanks to the MCH technology

How to Use

Divide your hair into a group of tufts using clips, then choose the appropriate temperature. Then pass the Iron on the tufts from top to bottom. Repeat until you get the desired result.

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65 watts of power, will it suit your hair, where was its type?

Thanks to our development of the Shosh professional iron, we have developed the performance of the iron to reach a power of 65 watts to suit the type and nature of your hair.

Your hair is light, curly!

We developed the device to fully control all heat levels, starting from 100 degrees and ending with 230 degrees. Choose what suits your hair! And a temperature display!

Built to last!

The device was manufactured to the smallest detail and according to the specifications of the European Union with quality certificates! In addition to effort
120-240V to work with you in any country you visit

Do you think Shosh will leave you without accessories to help you and make it easier for you to use?

Shosh Gloves

to protect your hands from the heat

Stylish Shosh Barrettes

2 barrettes to easily separate the hair into parts before use.

Shosh Luxurious Bag

The bag makes it easy to store the brush during travel and always keep it safe.

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Fourth generation hair straightener

Sold more than 670 times


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مروة محمد صابر يوسف
June 10, 2024
المنتج تحفة ما شاءلله
ورده احمد
June 10, 2024
من يومين وصلني طلب يجنن يجننن شكرا❤️
Mai Mamdouh
May 17, 2024
بجد كنتو أحلى تجربة انا جربتها
والفرشاة والمكواة أحلى من بعض
بيري محمد
May 12, 2024
الاجهزه تحفه
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